Ormer FC Support Anthony McMahon

Players and coaches of Ormer F.C. took to the streets of Guernsey with over a 1,000 Christmas Characters in the Guernsey Santa Fun to raise money in support of Anthony McMahon.

Ten-year-old Anthony McMahon was born with a condition that gave him abnormal hip joints and short legs. In 2008, he became the first person in the UK to have a super-hip and knee operation to reconstruct his right leg. But he needs the same surgery on his left leg. The Health and Social Services Department in Guernsey have told his family they don't believe it is the right course for him, and won't fund it.

As you can see the boys of Ormer F.C. dont agree and along with thousands of other islanders took to the streets of Guernsey on a fund raising mission.

The first batch of Ormers make their way into town.

On a breezy day along the seafront many of the young Ormers followed the advice of seasoned distance runners. "Use the runner in front of you as a wind-break". The Ormer F.C. manager was blissfully unaware that half the Ormer squad tucked in behind him for the last stages of the run.

Hopefully, the boys if Ormer F.C. have played their small part in making possible the life changing surgery for a fellow footballer.

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